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UGREEN Gravity Grip Magnetic Car Phone Holder (Grey, Black color) Model UG-80712B

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- Phone safeguarded by N52 Neodymium magnets
- Signal interference prevention with enclosed magnetic field
- Enhanced stability via flat silicone rubber clip
- Constructed from durable aluminum alloy and silicone
- Compact dimensions: 37 x 50.4 x 57.6cm (L x W x H)
- Suitable for phone sizes ranging from 4.7” to 7.2”

UGREEN Gravity Grip Magnetic Car Phone Holder (Grey, Black color) Model UG-80712B
Manufacturer Warrenty
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Steadfast Stability
The UGREEN Magnetic Car Vent Phone Holder guarantees steadfast and secure fixation to your car vents through its potent neodymium magnets, extended toothed prongs, and non-skid rubber cushions.

Resilient Construction
By integrating a toothed prong mechanism and employing five formidable magnets, this phone holder ensures augmented stability, even on uneven terrains.

Enhanced Road Safety
Effortlessly affix your smartphone to the car vent, enabling hands-free GPS navigation, phone calls, and music playback, eliminating the need to grasp it manually and enhancing on-road safety.

Versatile Adaptability
The magnetic mount universally accommodates an extensive array of phone dimensions, spanning from 4.7” to 7.2”, inclusive of renowned models like iPhones and Samsung devices.

7 Day Warranty
7-DAYS REPLACEMENT (used product not accepted)

Manufacturer Warranty
This product bears the manufacturer provided warrenty. Any cards or documents related to warranty is requested to kept as long as the warranty valids.

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