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DeepCool GH 01 A RGB Addressable RGB GPU Stand Bracket

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Product Type GPU Support Bracket
Connection A 3-Pin ARGB
Connection B None
Length 0.25m
LED Colour Addressable RGB
DeepCool GH 01 A RGB Addressable RGB GPU Stand Bracket
Manufacturer Warrenty
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Adjustable A-RGB GPU Stand
The GH-01 A-RGB is a GPU stand with 9 individual A-RGB LEDs that can sync to your build for added flare and rigidity.

Equipped with 9 Addressable RGB LED lights, GH-01 A-RGB provides full lighting for your build, it can be synced with other 5V ADD-RGB devices by M/B.

Compatible with...
- Asus Aura Sync
- Razer Chroma RGB
- Gigabyte RGB Fusion
- MSI Msytic Light Sync
- ASRock Polychrome Sync

Design and Hides Wirings
Structured with an uniquely designed metal frame and plastic base then coated with premium metallic paint, the GH-01 A-RGB and its unique wire hiding function makes sure that only a neat, flashy appearance will be visible.

Modular Design, Easy to Install
The GH-01 A-RGB uses a modular design for all of its components, along with hand screws, so installation is convenient and easy.

The design of the GH-01 A-RGB is optimized using an incredibly logical structure. The materials are carefully selected and the manufacturing process meets the strictest standards to achieve the most reliable quality. Such high standards allows for the GH-01 A-RGB to easily support a 5Kg graphics card.

Original and Compatible
The GH-01 A-RGB utilizes a unique saw-tooth adjustment mechanism, as well as a dual-hole installation design. The combination of the two makes the fine adjustment of height available in 3 scales:±3.3/6.7/10mm.

Supported With or Without a Power Supply Shroud
The GH-01 A-RGB can not only support cases with power supply shroud, but also support cases without power supply shroud by installing base extension (included).

Product Dimension ( W x D x H )
52.6 x 60.6 x 163.73 mm (Lowered)
52.6 x 60.6 x 267.63 mm (Extended)

Support Range
47.2~154 mm (Lowered)
161~255 mm (Extended)

Cable length

LED Rated Voltage

LED Rated Power

LED Control
M/B with 5V ADD-RGB Header

Net Weight

7 Day Warranty
7-DAYS REPLACEMENT (used product not accepted)

Manufacturer Warranty
This product bears the manufacturer provided warrenty. Any cards or documents related to warranty is requested to kept as long as the warranty valids.

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