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Gold Plated all device compatible charging cable and data connectors 65 W 1.2m

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Material: TPE,

Input interface: USB C, USB A

Output interface: type-C, lightening

Capacity: 65 W

Gold Plated all device compatible charging cable and data connectors 65 W 1.2m
Manufacturer Warrenty
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Synchronous Charging and Data: Ensures consistent power delivery and data transfer for optimal performance.

Ergonomic Design: Features a textured, anti-slip surface for easy handling.

Fast Charging Support: Capable of handling up to 9.5V, compatible with all fast-charging technologies.

Thermal Protection: Built with heat-resistant materials to protect against overheating.

Broad Compatibility: Suitable for use with various devices, including phones, tablets, USB-C gadgets, and iPhones.

7 Day Warranty
7-DAYS REPLACEMENT (used product not accepted)

Manufacturer Warranty
This product bears the manufacturer provided warrenty. Any cards or documents related to warranty is requested to kept as long as the warranty valids.

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